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Lemongress help reduce anxiety, relieve stress while boosting mood almost immediately. People use the scent to fight negative feelings, eliminate mental fatigue. Lemongrass is the perfect scent to have as it also acts as a mosquito repellent!

(Please note that color may slightly change due to making handmade color blend by hand)

  • Candle care Instructions


    Keep an eye out. Place your candle within eyesight + away from any flammable items.

    Allow your candle to burn until the full surface has melted - this ensures that your candle reaches a full melt pool + burns evenly for its full life.
    If you extinguish your candle before a full melt pool is formed, your candle will tunnel. This greatly reduces the lifespan of your candle

    Burning your candle for longer than this will create a "mushroom" effect on the wick. This is a carbon build up on the wick (which is a result of the candle consuming more wax than it can burn off), which causes an unstable flame (too large or flickering), soot to build up on the container rim and soot to release from the flame.

  • Olfactive Profile: (Smell profile)

    A  citrusy quality similar to lemon

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