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"Sleepy Lavender" Box

"Sleepy Lavender" Box

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 "Sleepy Lavender" is one of our newest product coming to our online store. This massage candles is perfect for those who suffer with Insomnia, and anxiety. As lavender is a great herb for reducing anxiety and depression, we created this massage candle to be skin safe and induce a calming energy while moisturizing your skin. A little goes a long way.  Start with a small amount rubbing in your hands  to test temperature and starting with massaging your heart chakra, and throat chakra.


                                                   This product is made to order 

 This box consist of:

1 candle warmers

1 box of Tealights

1 Massage candle (Please test on a small part of your forearm to control temperature before pouring on skin)


candle warmer color
  • Scent Strength

    ** (2 stars) 

    This scent is at a 2.5 out of 5. It is not too strong but just enough to coat the skin with a pleasant lavender scent left.

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