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Sage & Lavender

Sage & Lavender


Sage & Lavender scented candles is great for individuals who love the smell of lavender the burning if sage. This candle has benefits of not only reduce anxiety but remove bacteria in the air. Who doesn't like a awesome duo?


Sage Healing Properties:

-A natural  air purifyer

- Supports with spritually cleansing your space

-Helps improve stress,depression and anxiety

-Supports with Respirtory system 


Lavender Healing Properties:

- Anxiety & stress reducer

- Promote calmness and relaxation


  • Care Instructions

    It's important to allow your candle to burn with an even melt on top, which typically takes about an 1-2 hours depending on the size of candle tin may be hot after lighting

    DO NOT BURN your candle should not burn more than 4 hours at a time. This can cause tins/and jars to get too hot and possibly crack, or hit its flashpoint to burn and change color of candle container and will no longer be safe to reuse.