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Our Story

Just a Boi from Brooklyn

   Founded in October 2019  

We L.I.T! is a one-person candle company started by DREAM with a joined effort and supporting of Black queer artists in the community. We L.I.T! stands for "We Live In Truth" and the FIRST Black Trans -nonbinary gender affirming candle company. The goal of which is to affirm Black trans and nonbinary individuals in their gender identity and expression. Our focus is  on the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of our community, and healing through one candle at a time!

We are vegan friendly and use 100% organic waxes and raw materials and different earth elements in our candles; such as crystals and herbs and many more. Our  candle containers are all reusable ! Most of our packaging products are recycled and repurposed to lower environmental harm. ;  We use air tight controlled tins to keep your favorite scents in compacts, with atleast a year time span without any all the chemicals.

Want to know me a little and how we became who we are? 

I was born and raised in Brownsville NY, a middle child of three. Growing up in a household that was not inclusive or accepting of my identity and dealt with different levels of oppression, because of my identity, colorism in the household, being raised Islamic and dealing with Anti-Muslim hatred. Being raised in the system without being in the system. Growing up I never had the language to explain my identity, nor innerstood what it meant to be a darker tone Black and Queer person in America. Being raised in a wombman identified and nudity being normalized. I knew their was freedom in that, but every time I was getting dress I dealt with feeling in prison in my own skin, because I wanted to dress and express myself  the way I seen fit. I was never given the chance to express my masculine ways  because that wasn't "lady like" .  Coming out to my mother  and having a relationship with cis women. It made the relationship with my mother more toxic & abusive which later on lead to experiencing chronic homelessness as a youth. I immediately knew their was a need of safety not just physical but mental safety. I have yet able to digest the emotional part of it because survival is real.  After,  years of doing LGBT social justice work.  I was able to support on passing a bill, for 300 beds to be places in LGBT shelters. As we are the ones most affected directly to homelessness. I have spoke at the  National LGBT BAR associations on the behalf of LGBT homeless youth, I have also been to the White House speaking on sexual abuse in school for GNC  female bodied girls and much more.  Getting in tune with my spirituality has lead me to impact others in the community to better understand their own identity. My mission with WE L.I.T , is to make sure that every queer individual  especially Black queer folx feel seen and heard and know that their life is valuable inside and out, even when we are in doubt. We L.I.T is just the beginning of opening doors for  Black Trans/Queer Bodies. WE Live In Truth everyday.

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